"How To Deal With A Controlling Spouse, Boyfriend or Girlfriend"

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Relationships are not easy to maintain. It takes a lot of hard work. There are also different variables that contribute to making a relationship work. This same factor relates to any kind of relationship; whether it is a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, spouse, common-law, or even with coworkers or business partnerships.

In this case however, we will discuss relationships that are more romantic than platonic. There are different ways to detect if you are in a controlling relationship.

In all relationships there are compromises to be made. You do this for peace and for keeping your marriage or romance alive. This does not mean that you have to lose yourself, but in some cases you may.

My Mothers Story

My mother lived with a husband (my stepfather) that I call controlling. Here are some of the signs:

  • He found fault a lot and gave compliments less

  • He was always right

  • He preferred to do things for himself because he felt that no one could do it better

  • He did not really check up on where she was going, but he would call if she stayed too long. In some cases, you will find an overly controlling person go as far as stalking you. In my experience, that is not the case.

  • He picked out the smallest things to criticize

  • He even criticized how she dressed

  • He wanted to pick out the clothes she wore

  • He has the notion that women have their place (in the kitchen and in the bedroom)

  • He felt that women should be more submissive

  • She always felt that she had to defend herself

  • He gave her no chance to defend herself

  • They argued a lot about nothing

  • She had to give up her rights most of the time

  • He was a perfectionist

  • He loved to boast about himself

  • He thought he was the man

  • He felt that nothing could happen without him

  • He was very insecure

  • He was very jealous

  • When there was an argument, he would bring up the past and use it to be verbally abusive

  • He swore and threatened a lot; especially the threat to leave – just to intimidate her and let her worry

  • He tried to take her power away by having a bank account that he had control over. Money was his weapon against her. Some will use sex as a weapon and others money. So watch out for these signs.

  • He had a HUGE ego – one that was so BIG, it made him into a different person. All men have egos, but some are more profound than others.

  • Things had to be his way or no way

  • He would make her feel guilty of everything she did so much so that she would always "second guess" herself

  • He was a product of his own past experience with his step father and how he was treated.

Now these are only some of the signs of detecting whether you are with a controlling person or not. For the most part, all of these actions are the traits of a controlling person. They always have to make the decisions; no matter how small the decision is. They will put a guilt trip on you if they are not included in your decisions.

While you are reading this, my step father is no longer alive, but these memories are definitely alive for me even today. I saw it firsthand and could not do anything about it.

My mother, though, was happy with this man. Her love for him was "unto death do us part." She made it work for her. Partly, it may be because of her personality. She was very low keyed, peaceful (loved to keep the peace), laid back, did not like arguments or confusion and felt the need to keep her second marriage in tack, by all means necessary.

I am not implying that you do this, but I will give you some of the actions that my mother took to keep her marriage and also to discuss the actions you may consider taking if your relationship has gone too far out of control.

The Report

Based on my experience, I’ve put together a report called "Dealing with a controlling spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend".

I am writing this report from experience and so the lessons I have learned will be helpful to you in determining how you can stay in this relationship and make it work for you OR leave before it gets worse.

It’s a short report with no "fluff" or "filler" like most relationship books. In the report I discuss:

  • - How to handle with his/her ego
  • - How to detect the signs of a controlling spouse
  • - How to handle a controlling person
  • - What to do when you are frustrated
  • - How to deal with arguments
  • - How to deal with his/her insecurity
  • - How to handle jealousy
  • - The key to getting the controller to see his or her ways
  • - How to successful live with a controlling person
  • - How to break ties with a controlling person
  • - How to take your power back
  • - How to handle with his/her ego
  • - How to communicate the controlling person
  • - How to keep your sanity
  • - Saving your relationship
  • - The warning signs when it is over
  • - Coming to terms that you did nothing wrong

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